All Hallow’s

sweet dreams of summer rains
transform into the chill of autumn,
leaves dancing in the wind,
and the scent of a storm coming
with the darkening sky.

somewhere a spark is struck,
fire crackles in a stone hearth,
drying wood gets new life,
new beauty as it crumbles,
turning to ash in the flames.

there is purpose in decay:
the fire chases away the chill
and casts a mysterious light
on the room’s surroundings,
driving away cold and shadows.

outside, a sound of laughter
hurried feet, a rap upon the door:
tired smile, warmth within,
new beauty as it welcomes,
one generation to another.


2 Responses to “All Hallow’s”

  1. Just wrote this one, sitting here thinking about Halloween coming soon, remembering past holidays and thinking about how holidays provide a bridge or connection between generations.

  2. Per usual this is wonderful. I could envision it all in my head down to the rap on the door. Perfect!

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