Dark Shadow

I hear a howling
Above the storm,
A chilling cry
Carried by the wind.

You are out there,
Calling to me,
The ferocity of the night
Cannot hide your desire.

I’ve never known
Such rising fear,
Never felt
Such stir of emotion.

It is said that some souls
Live forever, and some
Can never forget –
I remember you.

I still see your hypnotic eyes,
Overriding the pain,
The piercing embrace
Of immortality.

I feel again
The heat of hunger –
The pain! The ectasy!
The sacrifice…

Another cry pierces
The darkness – O horror!
Daemon of my dreams!
You have found me.

Too late! I’ve met
Your gaze, those eyes!
Those lips! That face!
How can evil lurk behind!

Quick then, kiss me!
Hold me against
The mounting pain,
Drain from me all horror. 

Bring me the night,
Give me life.
O exquisite hunger!
O rapture of its satiation!

All that you are,
All that I hated,
Now grows inside of me,
Seduced by fear and mystery.

Drive a stake home,
Straight through me heart!
It would free me forever
Of the horror of you…of me…


One Response to “Dark Shadow”

  1. Written in the mid 1990s. I experienced what I called my ‘year of confusion’ around that time where I wrote a lot of ‘where is my life going?’ and ‘what do I want out of life?’ type of poetry. Not a year I’d like to relive!

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