Into the Night

It engulfs me

Sometimes when I’m driving

At night.



Wrapping its arms

Around my body,

Its hands clenched

Around my neck.


“Madness,” it whispers,

“Stop the car.”


But my foot is stuck

To the accelerator

So I roll down the window



With a scream in my ear

It releases me,

The wind whipping past

Sucking the madness out

Into the dark night.


Oxygen rushes to my brain

And I laugh

At my foolishness.


‘Tis only then

That I realize

I passed the last exit.


Now I’m stuck

On this crazy freeway

Driving into the night

To God knows where…


One Response to “Into the Night”

  1. Written in the mid 1990s. I experienced what I called my ‘year of confusion’ around that time where I wrote a lot of ‘where is my life going?’ and ‘what do I want out of life?’ type of poetry. Not a year I’d like to relive!

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