what color the shirt
they all look the same
chosen in the predawn hour
no light filtering in
the shuttered window
a rainbow of white, grey, black
hanging in the stillness
of the fading night

the distant creak of the stair
no one will notice
more than a whisper
silent shot rings out
greys changing hue
with the spread of dawn
warm red blood stains
all shirts the same


2 Responses to “Red”

  1. I’ve been asked to explain what this poem means. At first glance, ‘Red’ seems to be about death, possibly suicide, but there’s a hint of murder (that creak upon the stair). But in truth, ‘Red’ is about change. In the beginning there is a lack of color, representing the death of creativity, but in the end, there is hope (the dawn comes to bring new color) — you might say the old dies for the new to live. Change can be abrupt, brutal, and it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Part of change is finding the new and the good out of the end of the old or the bad. Written in early 2009, ironically 2 months before I left my job and became a graphic design consultant on my own, guess I had a foreshadowing of change to come!

  2. Red is the eye of the dawn, it is the start of the day and can be the end…
    Some in another time believed that red was birth, birth of all like, so they killed one who’s life had yet to start, On the steps of the alter of life…
    But red can be death, a death that all will see when the cry of the last breath lives there lungs…

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