Remembrance, a Poem

Remembering a time…

Wrapped in the soft atmosphere
Of midnight and your arms,
I sat on the beach
And stared into the night sky,
Watching Orion the Hunter,
Hero of the heavens,
Trip over lost love
In his flight across the sky.

Remembering a time…

The sound of laughter echoing
Through corridors of time
As you found me there,
Lost in a fated game,
A pawn, caught by my own desires
And suppressed longing,
Not always knowing
What is and what is not,
Finding a parallel in you,
Another soul seeking –
Perhaps seeking me
But not the hurt I bring.

A time to remember…

Wrapped in the soft atmosphere
Of midnight and your arms,
I will find solace
In the night and in you
Until Eos, her pale fingers
Dripping with pastel dew,
Comes to steal the stars
Forever from the sky.


2 Responses to “Remembrance, a Poem”

  1. Kim, this is by far my favorite. It’s inspired with a true and quiet depth. It not forced and it flows beautifully. I just stare at the words and wish that I had written them! It’s perfect.

  2. Thank you! ‘Quiet depth’ and ‘acceptance’ are exactly the feelings I wanted to invoke! This poem was written in the mid 1990s during my ‘year of confusion.’ I think I was finally working out what I wanted, letting go of old relationships, acknowledging that what I wanted and needed was within my reach, I just needed to accept it.

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