It is deathly quiet,
Nothing moves,
Yes Chaos is in the air…

Echoes of Silence
Fill every room
And linger on the stairs…

Madness stands outside the door,
Waiting to be let in,
But no one dares…

The Silence grows,
The calm quickens,
Emotions come to life…

Don’t say word,
Don’t even breathe,
Or else…

Chaos plays just out of sight,
Laughing at your hopeless plight.
Madness walks at your side
Waiting to take you as you die.
Silence sits and spins
Making a shroud to wrap you in.


One Response to “Silence”

  1. Again, written during my ‘year of confusion’ in the mid 1990s. Seem to have a lot of ‘madness’ writing during that time. Definitely glad to be out of that phase of my life.

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