Coming Alive

when i see you
i gasp first breath
oxygen burning,
lungs expanding,

with your touch
a rush of heat
red blood flowing
heart pumping

with your kiss
a new rhythm
sweet music drowning
soul weaving

i hear your voice
and breathe again
body stretching
coming closer

with your nearness
hunger grows
taste touch smell sound
i’m coming alive
for you

i AM for you…
         …and you are MINE



One Response to “Coming Alive”

  1. Sometimes I don’t even think about writing — one minute I’m working on something else entirely, the next thing I know I’m staring at a new Word document that has words on it. Less than 5 minutes passed. I blame it on upcoming Valentine’s Day, my husband, and listening nonstop to music while working long hours! (February 2011)

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