Transversing the lines,
I stand in the bitstream
Neither in nor out
Nor somewhere between,

A distant place
Or a distant dream,
Somewhere beyond
A you and a me,

Somewhere beyond
The silicon spiral
Where parallel lines
Run on forever, never to meet.

Is it all an illusion?
Lines crossing
The spiral pattern:
It seems they should meet.

The electric spiral tapestry,
Black hole of wonderings,
Trapping parallel dreams,
Forcing a new reality.

Oh, find the singularity
Beyond the horizon
Of broken hearts
And hopeful dreams, 

The singular point,
A portal in time,
Where pure information
Meets pure imagination,

That is where you will find me.


One Response to “Transverse”

  1. This was written in the mid-1990s. Around that time I was reading a lot of cyberpunk literature and my mind was full of technology advances, virtual reality, etc.

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