Virtual Reality

Liquid fog swirls,
Mist coating the brain,
So I reach out
To stop the globe’s spinning —
Will we fly off,
Momentum carrying us
Into endless space?

Two hemispheres sit
Side by side,
Borders not touching;
Sparks fly,
Shared thoughts
Jumping the deep chasm
In the center of the mind.

But do you exist
At the end
Of the day
When the sun falls down
And I go away?
Open the door…

Back to the cave!
I’ll race you there.
Let’s watch the shadows
Dance. Do silicon gods
Pull electric
Puppets’ strings?
Real is real is real again.

So I’ll bring the blood
If you’ll bring the bones,
And together
We’ll shape the clay.
We’ll bring forth
A new creation —
Dare we call it “Man”?

Power is mine is yours.
Love is a braided rope,
Friendship sharpened steel,
Yet on and on, Time,
The pendulum, swings,
“I refute it thus!”
And so, life ends…begins…


One Response to “Virtual Reality”

  1. Written in the early to mid-1990s. This was sort of an acknowledgement that what we think is real is not always real, and sometimes it’s best to stay on the side of friendship.

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