You are not my Laura
Nor Beatrice sweet —
Not any love as these.
Brighter and fairer
Than such maids
Shines not the sun,
Yet what care
When they hear not
The loving poet’s cry,
See not the beauty
They inspire?
Unrequited love, as they,
Tears not the heart,
And thus, love,
Cold and alone,
Is safe.

Ah, my soul has wept
From such cold love,
Not known, yet given,
Ne’er returned.
But no such love
Are you!
My love you know
All too well,
And my heart does
Rend and weep
When it is not
On me you smile.
Where other hearts
Hear not the poet’s song,
Your heart doth set
My rhyme.


One Response to “Valentine”

  1. Written in the early 1990s. This was written for one of those instances of unrequited love that could never be admitted in reality.

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