Electric Romance

O knight in pixel
Armour, carrying
Me away,
Rescued from
An electron stream —
Who are you?

Ah, watch your screen!
Follow my words
Scrolling across
And down,
Seeking a pathway
To your heart.

Read me there,
More than words
In an electronic message.
Listen and hear
The digital beating
Of my heart.

Love and Romance,
What is true
Caught in
Electric embrace?
Oh the text
Of a single kiss!

Romance arrived
In the sweet scent
Of a computer rose,
And Love comes quickly
In so many data bits
Per second!


One Response to “Electric Romance”

  1. This poem was written in early 1992, not long after meeting the man that is now my husband in an internet-based chat forum. Yeah, I ‘fell’ for him quickly.

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