Mustering of Arms

So shall the Day
Pass unto its Night
As the Sun of Gondor
Beneath the bloodied sea
Sinketh e’er
Out of sight;

Banners of dark Mordor
Shall rise and wave
In unfelt breeze
O’er lands
Which once were free;

And with an echo
Throughout the lands
The Mouth of Sauron
Shall proclaim him king
Whilst Middle Earth falls
On bended knee.

So march ye trolls, ye men and orcs!
Through heated sand and dankest mire,
March ye on to victory
Beneath the flags of darkest might!
Lift your voices in black refrain
As we march to conquer Light!

Hail the Lords of Treachery!
Hail the Kings of Sorcery!
Hail the coming of the Night!
Hail Sauron in all His Might!
March we gladly on to fight!
March we on to conquer Light!


One Response to “Mustering of Arms”

  1. Yeah, obviously written by a Lord of the Rings fan! This was written several years before Peter Jackson’s wonderful movies were made. My now-husband used to play one of the Nazgul in a Middle Earth play-by-mail game, so this was written as a marching ‘song’ for his troops. Written in the mid 1990s.


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