Cascades of color
          In the water falling

Inverse spectrums
          Now violet, blue, green
               To red.

Contrasting colors
          On the canvas
               Of closed eyes,

Brilliant boats
          Past the stars
               In space and time,

And we, the passengers,
          Carried along, drifting
               Into dreaming.

Where colored emotions
          And rise, defying
               The laws of physics.

While Love and Hate
          Hide-and-seek in the fall
               Of water-colored words.

One Response to “Cascades”

  1. This was also written for a poetry writing class in the 1980s. At the time, one of my favorite hangouts was a small art museum where I’d sit and veg-out among mostly abstract paintings. I was trying to think of a painting as a poem and a poem as a painting.

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