Computer Dreams

O to live
In a world
Of computer dreams
Where rainbows fly
And kittens sing,
Where starships sail
Beneath the sea,
Seeking the worlds
Of ancient kings.

O to travel
Down the wires
Riding the waves
Of electricity –
An explorer mapping
The maze
Of circuitry,
Fate weaving
An electric tapestry.

The computer blinks
And beeps at me.
With a sigh,
I, the human,
Reach for the mouse
Running across
My desk,
Winding its tail
Across the keyboard.

Electrons! Come
And carry me
Into the depths
Of machinery
Where electron drones
Race between
Silicon factories:
Bytes in, out
And in again.

Where the electric artists
Paint pixel patterns
On the computer screen,
Inside looking out,
To the distant drum
Of human hands
Tapping across
Plastic keys.

Rainbows fly,
Then kittens sing,
A starship sails
On by.
Electrons alive
Here now,
Now there,
Shifting focus…

Ugh! I am human
Falling fast asleep
So flip the switch,
Let the computer sleep,
Perhaps to ponder
Of how
It would be
To live in a world
Of human dreams.


One Response to “Computer Dreams”

  1. Trying to be funny with this one — wondering what a computer might think of all the random strangeness that comes across its electronic brain in any given day. Written in the early 1990s.

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