watching the waves
break on the shore
and nights blend
into dewy morns,
hot summer days
stretch into
humid summer eves,
i close my eyes
and sigh how much
i miss you.

but how can i
love you?
you’re only here
in my dreams anyway
sometimes it’s hard
to tell
waking up
to arms wrapped
around me if it’s you
or just the blanket

and i call
knowing you aren’t there
but i need to hear
your voice
so i call, surprised
when you answer
and my heart screams
how much i love you
while my tongue
stays silent

i want
to be with you
i need you
to feel the same
i know you love me
or did at least once
not so long ago
when we laughed
and joked, happy
just to be alive

did love grow too fast?
does it frighten you
as it does me?
that your love
is changing me,
this won’t last,
wanting to hold on
to this wonder forever

am i caught up
too much in dreaming
trying too hard
to find perfection
when all i really want
is you —
beside me,
in my life,
staking your claim
upon my heart.


One Response to “Want”

  1. Written in the mid-1990s. This was written for the man that is now my husband back in the days when we were still having a long-distance relationship.

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