Racing toward the dawn,
Running, cold wind whipping
Through my hair,
Twirling and twisting,
Throwing it across my face;
I was temporarily blinded.

And remembered your hands
And how they caressed me,
Strong fingers teasing
Their way through that same hair
Just a few short hours before.
Then, too, I was blinded.

Blinded by the blaze
Of passion and the moment,
Dizzy from your nearness
And the taste of your kiss,
Lost in the total sensation
Of you and me, finally together.

Blinded by our desire,
Wrapped in strong embrace,
The passion between us
Defining us as human,
Forgetting the others
That lay claim on our lives.

Forgetting the fine line
Between love and friendship,
Caring and hurting,
Knowing when to cross over
And when to stay
Each on our own side.

So I ran and am running still,
Racing  toward the dawn
And the comfort of home
Before the line between us
Becomes further blurred
And I lose my way forever.


One Response to “Blinded”

  1. This poem was written in the early 1990s, during a time when I was still trying to sort out an uncertain relationship, this is about the time my ‘year of confusion’ began.

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