About that Addict in the Corner…

Bright light strikes
The silvered shaft,
Dancing up and down,
Silent faery partner
Asking me to dance.

Obelisk, needle,
Reaching for the sky,
Rocket ship ready,
Going to carry me
Higher than high.

The plunge! The pain!
Sky falls, silver
Explodes, shrapnel
Piercing, penetrating –
The flesh doesn’t know.

Deafening. Silence.
Blood roars
Brilliant colors scream
A lullaby of silver stardust
Eating away the universe.

The hold weakens,
Empty, needle falls.
Hollow hull,
Forgotten flesh,
Forever left behind.


One Response to “About that Addict in the Corner…”

  1. This was written around 1990 after reading a newspaper article about drug addicts and how drug abuse seemed to be on the rise among urban middle class youth.

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