What is the meaning of everything?
What is the beginning, purpose, and end?
Scientists ponder, twiddle, and think
Upon the far reaches of the cosmos
And the depths of the soul,
But ol’ Douglas Adams,
That crafty novelist,
Laughs, “‘Tis simple enough,
The answer is 42!”
Then he departs with a knowing grin,
Leaving us to wonder anew,
What is the meaning of 42!


One Response to “Forty-Two”

  1. OK, this poem needs some explanation! First, I’ve always been a fan of Douglas Adams’ The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (as well as his Dirk Gently Detective Agency series), so that explains the direct reference! (And any fan of THHGTTG knows the 42 reference.) But the real explanation of this poem is stranger. This poem was written in a dream! I woke up this morning and wrote this down before it faded as dreams usually do.

    Here was the full dream: I was among a group of people that met at a local school to participate in a writing competition. We were each given a spiral-bound notebook and a pen, and then given 8 random words or phrases to write in our notebooks. The competition was for us to write poems that used each of the 8 words/phrases — each in its own unique poem. And all has to be written in our notebooks and returned to the judges within 24 hours. One of the words/phrases given was ’42’ and this was the first poem I wrote in my notebook! (Only poem written because I woke up, what could I have accomplished if I’d stayed asleep?)

    Doesn’t that sound like a really cool idea for a competion?! Wish I could remember the other 7 words/phrases, I think one may have been ‘hammock’…LOL, if anyone cares to interpret this dream, I’d love to hear it!

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