The Shades do not fear me,
they do not touch me
for I am Midnight,
black silk and smoke
curling through the night,
ash flying on the wind.

I am Midnight,
trapped between the dusk and the dawn,
lingering in the shadows,
howling with the hunger,
craving what I do not understand
but it can only come from you.

Step out of the light,
come into my world,
let me be all to you,
let me ease your pain
and fill your soul with mine,
dare to step into the night.


One Response to “Midnight”

  1. Written 2009. This is a recent one, inspired by reading Karen Moning’s Fever series, pondering the ultimate question of what is Jericho Barrons and why do the Shades recoil from him when he enters the Dark Zones!

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