Love in Cyberspace

Thousands of miles,
Oceans between us,
But it doesn’t matter
That they are there.
Wires, satellites,
And optic cables —
Just threads
In the electric web
That brings us together.

Side by side,
We stand
In the network stream,
Emotions flowing,
Electrons flying,
So many data bits
Each second!

I reach out
And touch my screen,
But it’s your hand
That I find there,
Reaching out for me.
Virtual fingers entwined,
We hold each other —
This is love
In cyberspace.


One Response to “Love in Cyberspace”

  1. This poem was written in early 1992, not long after meeting the man that is now my husband in an internet-based chat forum. Yeah, I ‘fell’ for him quickly.

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